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A long time ago, an explorer found a feather from an angel and a horn from a demon. With these rare findings, the government contacted him saying that they would like to use the what's left of the DNA inside both artifacts inorder to recreate the angelic and demonic race. But with fate playing by another's rules, things seem to get a little complicated. ***** Story and Characters (C) Whiteflamedkitsune Updates: Whenever Status: Discontinued Started: 8/27/08 Completed: ...

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!!!Please Read!!!
!!!Please Read!!!

Characters Page and Chapter 5

Hello there peoples/guys/friends/romans/country men/etc.,

I just thought you guys should know that the Characters Page has been updated and nicely filled out XD I still have one more character to put in there but she doesn't come in until Chapter five. And speaking of chapter five:

Though Chapter five is much lighter than chapter four and perhaps a little easier to make or rather produce. The updates might be slower than usual with :VERAMiR: due to school and the loads of work that I have to do this year...unfortunately. XP

Hopefully I can update :VERAMiR: as soon as I get the next page done, but consider the project to be on a slight hiatus for just a bit longer.

Sorry guys (TT_TT)


Chapter 4 and a slight hiatus...

Hey guys,

Chapter 4 starts and the slight hiatus begins. I'm going to be uploading this chapter slower than usual, since I'm actually busy this summer O.o

I'll try my best to get updates in as soon as possible, but for now :VERAMiR: will be put on hold as soon as I finsh everything that I have to do before summer ends.

sooo be prepared for epic slow updates XDDD

Sorry guys.

Much Love <3,


Oh Em Gee, It's Chapter 3!

Now to be honest, I'm aware that usually no one reads these or even bothers to update them, but I think it's important to update this at least when something exciting happens...and guess what!? Something exciting is happening! lol

For the first time in comic history I'm going to work on...CHAPTER 3!

Now you all must be wondering, "Ah...it's not a big deal get over yourself DX" But to me it is. I've never planned out a comic as much as I did with this one, so not failing after chapter two makes me feel a little accomplished XD

Anyway! Enough talking out of me! I'm going to start drawing right now!

Much love <3



Woot! New Chapter, new style.

Lolz okay maybe that's a little misleading. Pretty much what I'm saying is that I've taken in A LOT of advice from my fans (both here and DA), as in spacing out my story and broading the panel borders and such.

But aside form all of that I figure I'd give it a try. Hopefully it makes everything a little more organized and a little less cluttered XDD lol.

Anyway, fans I hope you enjoy it and I don't let you down lol please keep reading (-^w^-) lol

Much Love.


Chapter 2 coming soon!

Woot! I'm so happy I got the first chapter or my comic up ^^ I know it's pretty short for a chapter but those of you that are confused please stay tuned for Chapter 2 which will explain EVERYTHING! and possibly tie up all the loose ends lol.

Anyway thank you fans for taking time out of your lives to read this comic ^^.

Much love to you guys ^^

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